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People, Planet, Product, Partnership

EarthBee Foods is proud to be the exclusive importer and roaster of KapePur, the World’s Finest Coffee.

KapePur coffee is made from the finest Filipino civet coffee beans and boasts a rich and unique taste. What makes our coffee so unique? KapePur is a rare combination of naturally selected, naturally “processed” and finely roasted civet coffee that can be found no where else. You may have heard of it by its Indonesian name, Kopi Luwak.

Getting KapePur civet coffee to you is a team effort. We are blessed to have partnerships with the great people of Mindanao, as well as our special furry friend, the Asian Palm Civet.

Civets are small, mostly arboreal mammals, native to the tropics of Africa and Asia. Civets LOVE to eat coffee beans, especially the ripest, sweetest berries on the tree. While inside the body of the civet, the coffee beans undergo physical and chemical changes similar to a form of fermentation. The result: the great flavor of KapePur civet coffee. Thank you Asian Palm Civet!!!

Our farmer-partners are hard-working families who have been severely impacted by years of local military conflict. The sale of KapePur civet coffee supports the people of this war-torn and impoverished area of the Southern Philippines.

We are dedicated to the idea that each of us can change the world we live in by simply changing the way we consume. We are committed to selling the finest products in the world, as well as giving back to the people and communities that make it possible. To put it simply, we want our customers to smile and our business partners to prosper. The 4 pillars of our business philosophy: people, planet, product and partnership.

Our company was founded by Javen Figueroa and Ben Johnson in 2009.  We met as freshman in college and have been close friends for nearly 20 years. We hope you enjoy the KapePur experience as much as we’ve enjoyed working together to make it possible. Thanks for supporting our coffee and our cause.

KapePur | Natural, Green, Organic, Healthy
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